Your dazzling flame draws me ever closer,
the gravity pulling me around.
As my moon circles your planet,
I fall without ever touching ground.

All else I can charm, seduce, and beguile,
but you never let me in that role.
With you I’m a helpless, quivering mess:
you’re a tuning fork for my soul.

Your voice is heady, your words sublime,
your very presence an intoxication.
I barely stay balanced, attempting to conceal
the extent of my sheer fixation.

You bring out my ego, my raw, true self,
I revel in you revealing me to me.
I am but a witness of your glorious being,
a revelation for the world to see.

Terence Tuhinanshu

Terence Tuhinanshu

poet. thinker. designer. developer. citizen of the world.