Grocery Encounter

I was waiting in line at Trader Joe’s
three spots too far away from her.

Had I been closer I may have made a joke
and won her with my sense of humor.

Or perhaps with a witty observation
shown myself to be interesting and clever.

Standing beside her would have been ideal,
our coquetry flowing like a river.

Even twice away could still maybe work,
after all I am quite the charmer.

But three spots away is one spot too many,
any romance would fizzle and founder.

One cannot be smart and charming and funny
from nowhere near around her.

The dude bros between us the bane of my life
unaware of their baleful blunder.

So I say nothing and write down this verse —
sole evidence of grocery encounter.

Terence Tuhinanshu

Terence Tuhinanshu

poet. thinker. designer. developer. citizen of the world.