An Idea of You

You who I have heard spoken so highly of,
You who mean so much to so many that I love,

You who left ripples so clear and far
Like the shining twinkle of a long dead star,

You whose presence is felt even in absence
Like the after-note of a Veena-string hanging in resonance,

You whose legacy of both body and mind
Has crossed barriers and bridges, space and time,

You who I never met, so cannot mourn, miss or grieve
Are one who was never here, and thus can never leave.

Your choices and moods impress themselves upon my life
Through the veil, reaching across the darkness into light

And I know there is nothing that I can’t make through
Because although I have no memory, I have an idea of you.

~ Terence Tuhinanshu, May 6 2015

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