Future Windows 8 Apps

A set of tweets about how the Sandboxing model of Windows 8 Metro / Modern apps, designed for safety of tablets, is limiting their potential for the Desktop.

Conceptual vs Perceptual

Our identities belong permanently to the conceptual world. They can’t be seen, heard, smelled, touched or tasted. They’re merely ideas. And everything else — at the start — belongs to the sensual world, the world outside us.

Gradually we reach beyond ourselves.

We encounter the sight, smell, touch, taste and sound of our own bodies.

And of the world around us.

And we discover that objects of the physical world can also cross over —

— and possess identities of their own.

Or, as our extensions —

— begin to glow —

— with the life —

— we lend to them.

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

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Biases and Arguments

I am biased. About many things. I have preferences, opinions, perspectives, notions, lenses, view-points and point-of-views. I think most of us, if not all, are biased in one way or another, but I do not speak for most of us here. I only speak for myself. And I am biased.

Am I proud of my biases? Am I ashamed of them? Neither. They are just like my hands and feet: a part of me that I spend very little time thinking about. They’re just there. Just as there is physical pain when I hurt my hands or feet, there is mental anguish when I dent my biases. Just as my hands and feet are slowly changing as I grow older, so are my biases. Continue reading “Biases and Arguments”

Sorting SimpleXML Entries by Single Key

Given the following XML that has been loaded into a SimpleXML object in PHP:

To sort by name, do the following:

To sort by city, do the following:

This is a simple technique that works when you have a single key by which you wish to sort the XML. We create the $data array and associate the key (name in the former case, city in the latter) with the actual element, and let ksort take care of the rest. ksort sorts an array by the key while maintaining the association.
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